And just like that, we are home. Brain surgery Friday and released Sunday. It was a crazy emotional and tiring weekend.

Thank you all for the love and support you’ve shown. We are truly blessed to have the best family and friends by our side thru this.

The first leg of this cancer journey is over, and we will be in limbo for a few weeks waiting on the pathology report. Plan of action will likely start with chemo, but we will know more later. Please pray for good results, as well as peace while waiting.

Justin is still pretty groggy but his pain has subsided quite a bit. If anyone wants to visit him at our home, anytime starting tomorrow should be fine. Please text, message, or call me before so we have a heads up. Mostly for your sake so I can make sure he has pants on.


  1. So happy you’re home where you can rest more comfortably, heal and strengthen your body. Continued prayers to you both. Love love love you both! Deneen


  2. Hi Justin & Alecia. Know that you’re continually in our prayers! Another leg of the journey. We’re inspired by your positive attitude and are proud of Justin fighting hard! John C


  3. Glad you are home and recovering well (both of you!). Want you to know that you are both thought about frequently and if there is anything you might need, please let us know. We love you guys and are here for you! Stay strong!


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