GO for Launch

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  The sun is shining and I’m constantly reminded of how much love is in my life.  I sincerely appreciate all of the support I’m getting through this crappy time of my life and I assure every one of you when all this is over and said and done with, I will pay it forward.  This experience is changing my entire outlook on life.

Dry run for Radiation went smooth yesterday.  A radiation dry run is just where they sit you on the table, they put my mask and bite block mouth guard thing in (they are both to keep me still).  Then they take X-Rays to make sure all the laser beams are lined up in the right spots.  They wanna kill the bad cells (not the good ones), so they gotta be very precise!  

After that, my dad and I found out that University of Iowa Hospital food is expensive and disgusting.  We ate at the cafeteria…bad mistake.  I can only hope I don’t get hospitalized while I’m down there and be forced to deal with that!

We took a tour of the Hope Lodge.  My mom and I went last week but my dad hadn’t seen it yet so since we were doing good on time we decided to check it out.  My room is all ready for me, and i’m told I have the biggest room there!  As I mentioned in the last update, they’re gonna spoil me down there since I’m the youngest patient in the house as of right now!  

So as mentioned before…We are a GO for launch on Monday.  Monday afternoon at 2:45pm I’ll be receiving my first dose of radiation.  Monday night before I go to sleep, I’ll take my first dose of Chemotherapy.  

No matter WHAT happens….Its all happening because its supposed to happen.  So everyone hold on to your faith and put your trust in the man upstairs or whatever it is you put your trust in.  Thanks SO MUCH for the continued support!

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