Next Steps

So I talked to my doctors in Iowa City today and we are a definite GO for starting Chemo and Radiation next Monday the 12th.  Its funny, I’m not really scared of the Cancer, I’m scared of the Chemo…But like I said before, I hear the stuff they are putting me on is pretty top notch stuff.  Plus I’m a young, otherwise healthy dude so chances are I’m gonna be just fine.  

I got this friend Dalton goin through the same thing I have (brain cancer) only he is at stage 4.  I want everybody to please keep him in your thoughts and prayers for me.  Next year at relay for life, him and I are gonna walk the survivor lap together so keep us in your thoughts and prayers so we can make that happen!

I’m looking forward to Iowa City I guess. (GO HAWKEYES).   I’m really anxious to get things moving.  This week off has been nice, but I feel like I’m in limbo just waiting.  I AM a hawkeyes fan after all!  I toured this HOPE LODGE I’ll be staying at…Its gonna be nice – although I was told I will be the youngest one there for now.  Maybe that just means I’ll get extra spoiled!!!  The Hope Lodge is within walking distance to the hospital, and more importantly – KINNICK STADIUM.  Home of the greatest college football team ever!

I can’t do this without the great support system I have so thanks to everyone who has been keeping tabs on me and caring.  I love all of you!

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